Through Sort Unit

Through Sort Unit
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Features & Benefits

The Aspect line combines a smart appearance with a robust construction Easily adjustable shelves are available in wood or acrylic. All units can be made to your specific requirements

   See through Wire
- Insures forgotten mail can be seen at a glance
- Creates a light and airy environment
- Eliminates closed in areas
- Eliminates dust build up on shelves
   Hanging Labels Accuracy 
- Label hangs in front of each mail slot improves sorting
- Available in 8 colours
   Modular design
- Sorters can be expanded one column at a time
- Mail slots are adjustable in 1" increments
- Available in heights ranging from 18" to 72"
- Available in 12" x 15" and 12" x 18" shelf sizes
- Custom shelf sizes available in quantities of 500+
- System can be dismantled and re created in various
- Configurations including L shaped, U shaped and back to back
- Components can be ordered individually i.e.. back, side, shelf
* Pass through / Through Sort units available
* All welded custom sort units also available