We love our cart so much that we want to order another one just like it.

Harness Dickey


I have known Rich Thackery for over 15 years. During that time, he and Secure Mailing Systems (SMS) have been instrumental in the redesign our out Mail Centres across the country. Initially, SMS laid out our floor plans, equipped our premises and provided us with tamper-proof bags and pouches. We have been extremely satisfied with both the products and the service that we have received. Often working within very constricting time-frames, Rich and his team have always come through and provided us with exceptional customer service. Due to the high quality of their products and the ongoing service that they provide, I would not hesitate for one second to recommend Rich and SMS to anyone in need of the equipment and services that they provide.

Directeur Adjoint - Assistant Manager, M.D.S. – Montreal


We have been in partnership with Secure Mailing Systems for several years. I have worked closely with Steve and his team on orders for mail sort units and courier bags that are utilized in our offices across Canada.

They provide a solid product that meets all our requirements along with excellent customer service. They have always been helpful in providing assistance and solutions on product. Their tum around time for orders is exceptional and response time on email or phone messages is very timely.

Overall, it has always been a pleasant experience working with Secure Mailing Systems and I would recommend their product and efficient service.

Linda Calanchie, Facilities Specialist, The Cooperators