Our environmental policy

Our environmental policy

As a private Canadian corporation SMS is concerned about the environmental impact of product design and all manufacturing processes as well as with the content and recyciability of packaging materials. These concerns are translated into proactive measures to protect the environment and preserve sensitive ecosystems
Extending useful product life: SMS designs its products for maximum longevity by using commercial grade components such as metal brackets, threaded inserts, metal legs, steel frames and high density particleboard. These components, when assembled constitute a durable product that can withstand the challenges of the workplace for many years. In addition all products are designed for easy installation of repair parts precluding the necessity to replace the entire product. Metal to metal connections heavy gauge steel components, polished and ground lead (lifting) screws and composite gears are examples of long life components in our products.
Recycling: At SMS manufacturing scrap wood, steel and cardboard are recycled. These scrap products are collected and shipped to the appropriate recycling facility to be reprocessed and reused in various new products. All cardboard shipping cartons used by SMS have the highest possible recycled fiber content. At all major project installations, we remove all packing materials and process them for recycling. Wherever possible, products are shipped bulk packed to reduce overall use of packaging materials or shipped blanket wrapped to completely eliminate the need for packaging.
Reducing emissions: SMS is concerned about the office environment and indoor air quality of its clients. In all manufacturing processes, SMS uses products or processes that reduce VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. Adhesives uses are either water based or non-salvent dispersed to reduce product off gassing. Our laminate tops are manufacturered using a hot-melt process for laminating which contains no volatile organo solvents for painting of metal components, SMS uses an electrostatic powder coating process that is virtually VOC free and which produces minimal waste. This process ensures that 98% of the coating material adheres to the product and the remainder is collected and recycled through the spray nozzles. In addition to VOC type emissions SMS is very concerned about formaldehyde emissions and uses wood and wood based products that have negligible formaldehyde emissions.

A program to use formaldehyde-free straw based core materials for laminating is currently underway. SMS practices a sealing all program in the design of all finished products. of tracking progress.

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Our environmental Statement and guidelines

Statement: SMS is committed to the development of sustainable business practices and considers the goal of balancing its environmental economic and social aspirations to be the foremost guiding principle in determining its future as a corporate citizen.
Our policy: * To continuously improve product design to produce safe and healthy products with long life cycles high recycled content and high degrees of reclaim ability
* To conduct business processes in healthy, low impact facilities and to support its suppliers and business partners to do likewise
Our goals: * To lead its business class with innovative ideas and creative solutions for environmental stewardship
* To maintain indoor quality emission certification on all of its product lines
* To launch cradle to cradle product responsibility
* To eliminate landfill
* To be carbon neutral and seek a new, higher standard of carbon restoration
Achievements: * Extended useful product life: ten year warranty on products metal to metal connections heavy gauge steel components,
   polished and ground lifting drive screws and composite gears, long life components 100% field replaceable parts for all product lines.
* Development of a hot melt lamination process for wood sheets which resulted in the elimination of 98% of VOC
   emissions from the manufacturing process
*Sheet wood product are made from 100% recycled material content
* All carton and cardboard materials, including tape for packaging is made from 100% recycled material content
* Elimination of carton usage in storage product packaging resulting in a reduction of over 60% of potential post installation wastage
* All steel used in the production of SMS products has a reclamation rate of 100%
* Development of a furniture product family with zero formaldehyde emissions
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